Tuesday, 11 June 2013

First Post! ... I'm not at IBM yet.

Earlier today I got a call from the guy who's going to be my team manager at IBM when I start there.  I haven't started yet but he called to make sure things were alright and to let me know what (roughly) I'm going to be doing when I start there.

According to him I'm going to be attached to their Java development and testing team as part of a team of people providing metrics for performance.  I'm going to be trying to automate data aggregation from what I understand but this doesn't mean actually using the Java language, which is unexpected.  Apparently I'm going to be working in scripting languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, that kind of thing) to do this.

Additionally they apparently encourage interns working on other projects together.  I really want to see if I can get some people together to work on something using a functional language but apparently that's a relatively niche things so it might not be doable.  I just really want to keep up my skills with these languages, I enjoy them a lot.

I'm terrified and excited.  Mainly terrified.

More to come when I have more to say... so probably when I've actually started there, for now I'm trying to keep my mind clear and focus on other things I have to do.  Like deal with my new landlord.

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