Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Things what I done

So today and yesterday afternoon I helped out supervising a bunch of kids in the office as part of the company's "bring your child to work" day.  It was more fun than I was expecting I think; I volunteered to get myself something vastly different to do from my day job but I don't think I know what I was really expecting to happen.

The kids were really well behaved though, the guys organising it had them making things to keep an egg safe when dropped from a height with basic office supplies that they could 'buy' out of a budget and sell back what they didn't need at a loss.  Some of the designs were pretty good.  Interestingly the first day (with younger kids) most of the teams had something using a bin liner as a parachute so for the second day, to push them a bit, the bin liner parachute was outlawed.

That's all I've been doing that isn't day job stuff of note though; I've spent the past couple of days screwing around with the database my team uses so that it can store more useful information about performance goals.  There's some interesting stuff there about who decides what goals are and such, but I don't think I can write that here.  It was good anyway, getting the database to work the way I think it should was satisfying.

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