Sunday, 28 July 2013

Giveback Projects

So IBM has this thing they call "giveback" which is essentially signing up for projects outside of your day job... I'm not sure why, maybe they don't think we have enough to do during the day.

Either way, I've signed up for a couple of things:

Bluebricks - an internal PHP framework for creating useful tools and services.  This is basically an extension of what I do in my day job but I have to say that I've been part of the team for about maybe 4 hours total and I've already pushed a change to the working version of the tool I'm on.  It feels like I'm going to have more production code out there for this by the end of the year than I have for my day job but I really hope this is wrong.

Helping work experience kids with a project.  They have some kids on work experience coming in to build... something in early September, I've signed up to spend a couple of afternoons helping with that.  No idea what it'll entail yet but here's hoping it's good.

I feel like I've signed up for more as well but I can't remember anything else off the top of my head.  More stuff as it comes back to me.

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